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Data is the fuel that powers business intelligence, engagement, personalization, analytics, AI and ML. By working backwards to identify a compelling customer-focused solution, building skills, and leveraging agile cloud technologies, valuable data-driven insights are discovered to address public sector challenges around the globe. The government of India is working with disruptive innovators across the value chain and using their innovations to improve public service delivery. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a suite of programs to inspire, enable, and proliferate innovation within the public sector globally. These innovation programs are here to help public sector organizations succeed, from ideation through establishment. Understand how AWS is helping the public sector in India to achieve digital transformation at scale.

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The Government of India Powers a Population-Scale Vaccine Drive on AWS
Aarogyasri Health Care Trust of Telangana Health Department Migrates Critical Application to AWS in Less Than 5 Months

After a decade of quadrupling its usage year over year, a free healthcare program

Vigyan Prasar Case Study

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Vigyan Prasar of the Government of India launched a first-of-its-kind science channel with daily scientific content for school-aged children and the public at large that can seamlessly scale on demand. Vigyan Prasar is an autonomous organization under the Department of Science & Technology of the Government of India. Using Amazon Athena and Amazon S3, Vigyan Prasar made its new science channel’s daily content

AWS Summit New Delhi 2022 - Embed ML to impact lives and livelihoods of Indian citizens
India’s MoHUA builds smarter cities using AWS
Minfy Tech Helps Government IT Department Modernize with AWS Cloud

Minfy Tech has built its business on helping clients find their way to the cloud. Since the company’s founding, that journey has been empowered through AWS.

Minfy Tech Sets Up Innovative Blockchain Environment in the AWS Cloud for State Government

Minfy Tech proudly proclaims itself a company “born in the cloud.” The IT and managed- services provider offers cloud consulting, audit, and advisory services to business and government entities.

CSC E-Governance Services India Ltd scales on demand with AWS
Rahul Sharma
Akanksha Bilani
Prasar Bharati News Services & Digital Platform (PBNS) Speeds Up National News Distribution on AWS
MoHFW, MeitY, and AWS came together to launch the Co-WIN application in record time
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