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India has seen a rapid adoption of telehealth consultation to ensure patient and staff­ safety. Virtual consultations are bringing to fore the need for streamlined data access, data storage, backup and management, integrated patient data from off and online consultations, better collaborative applications, and content management. Public sector healthcare organizations need to analyze their data, improve patient care in the communities they serve, and empower teams with the tools needed to assess, diagnose, and treat in real time. Our healthtech segment highlights solutions and technologies that can enable organizations to reduce the time and effort required to run existing clinical and non-clinical workloads and provide access to new analytics capabilities and machine learning technologies that meet both regional and local healthcare requirements.

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Cloud connectivity gives the ability to build for visibility at scale.

While the Covid pandemic wreaked havoc on the Indian healthcare system, for some

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AI, ML making equitable, high-quality healthcare a reality for millions: Rohit Ghosh,
Focus on India: Innovation Stories

JioVio Healthcare is an international medical technology company based in Singapore that uses innovative technology to provide positive pregnancy, infant care, and parenting experiences. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) kits, and wearable technology

eSanjeevani helpline offers criticaltelemedicine services
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